Browns Social House

I had the pleasure of working with Chris Huxtable from Frylow Canada throughout the whole trial period and I can honestly say he was amazing to work with. We bought 3 units for my restaurant and the Frylow system has helped cut back oil changes down to two changes a week from the original three we had been doing. Oil quality was improved and it has definitely helped prevent those oily marks on the plates. We used to only allow the staff to fry the calamari in the cleaner oil but now it doesn’t matter which fryer you use. We saw cost savings on oil right from the start, this was a big impact from a controllable that can easily be forgotten about. Maintenance on the units couldn’t be easier! I would definitely recommend this product.


Chris Casado

Browns Social House LogoHead Chef – Browns Social House – Lynn Valley

Montana’s – Alberta

We have put the Frylow system in six of our eleven Montana’s locations in Alberta, and we are very pleased with the results to date.   We have significantly reduced our oil usage at each location from the moment the system was installed.  This has led to savings of $400 per month for each location and we have reduced our environmental footprint.  In addition, we are changing fryer less often, thus saving us labour costs.  Most importantly, we are serving our guests better products from our fryers.  The products look fresher and taste much better across the board.

We will be putting the system in our remaining locations over the next few months.  It is a truly remarkable system which is easy to use.

The support Chris gave our teams in the installation process was extremely helpful.  He came to our restaurants and showed the teams how to use the system and made sure we were using best practices so we could maximize the benefits from the system.

Dan Rogozynski

Montana’s Franchisee


Crows Restaurant

Crows is a new business in Victoria, BC. We have two deep fryers (one set high at 380 and one set low at 320) and before Frylow we were going through about 80 litres of oil per week as part of our fryer cleaning regiment. Since Frylow our oil usage has dropped to below 40 litres per week. We have also dropped the temperature of the high temp fryer to 360 (which also extends the life of the oil). Food also turns out looking and tasting better. In particular we have noticed our beer batter on our fish in chips has notably improved in the latter stages of the fryer cleaning regiment (previously there was a definite colour and flavour change as the oil got older). Even at our current levels of business we expect  to save over $5000 this year, and as business grows so will the savings.


F7CE0025AFFE4C6C8840D54A1BD9FAF0John -Chef/Owner Crows Restaurant

Victoria BC


Being in the Restaurant industry for 25 years cost controlling is a major job in this industry.   I heard about Frylow through a few Franchisees and then started to investigate. I called Chris and discussed with him the whole program. I tested it in our one location and immediately got the results that Chris talked to me about. The product quality was an instant improvement. The system is easy to use and maintain. I have since rolled it out to my second location. My ROI will be 7 months and having a 5 year guarantee makes it a great investment. Thanks Chris.

David Czarnik

Kelseys’s/Montana’s Franchisee


I operate 10 Montana’s in Southwestern Ontario and was approached by Frylow about their product and how it works, they stated I’d save 50% of my oil, save on energy and the food quality would actually get better. I agreed to a meeting and went over everything from ease of execution, Operational intrusion etc. So I agreed to have it tested at my lowest sales location and the results were overwhelming! ROI within 6 months and a 5 year warranty to boot! It was a no brainer to get it for all of my other 9 locations.  I’ve been in the restaurant industry for over 34 years and have never seen these results! Thanks Frylow.

~ Tony Pereira

Montana’s Franchisee

Montana’s & Kelsey’s Restaurants

Frying oil costs are one of the few controllable costs in the restaurant business and yet most operators don’t pay enough attention to it. I have tried for years to reduce this cost through different rotating cycles, testing and fryer filtering systems with no discernible success. It was recommended to me to try Frylow. I picked one location to test and have achieved tremendous results. I have reduced my oil cost by 55%. The system is very user friendly and easy to monitor. My ROI will be 5 months and with a 5 year guarantee I look forward to huge savings for the remainder. I have since ordered systems for my other restaurants. Support is very good and the rollout to my staff was extremely smooth and uncomplicated. Thanks Chris.
Rick Bennett
Montanas BBQ and Bar/ Kelsey’s Original RoadHouse

Montana’s Restaurant

We started Frylow in November 2014, the 10 previous months we averaged 57 jugs of oil used a month. Since putting frylow in over the last 8 months we now average 31 jugs of oil used a month. It is a great product, easy to use, easy to maintain and gave us a very quick ROI of less then 6 months. We now have years of profit to gain. I highly recommend the product, it is worth the investment.

Mike Vanderhoeven


bin 4 Burger Lounge


As Feature on the Food Network show – “You Gotta Eat Here!”

We are proud users of Frylow, we have 3 locations and the product is being used in all restaurants. We’ve been using Frylow for 1 year and have found the product to decrease the amount of oil we use by 50% saving us $700.00 per month in each location. Items that are cooked in the fryer come out crispy and golden brown. We find Frylow to be an exceptional product.

Mike Ringland – Chef/Owner of Bin 4 Burger Lounge

Restaurant Batifol – Quebec City

BatiforThis system is fantastic; I don’t understand the photo catalytic principle, but I do know that since I’ve started using the Frylow photo catalytic system for my deep-frying, I’ve saved more than 50% on the cost of fryer cooking oil.  Foods are crispier, and the quality of my fries is excellent.

Sébastien Martel
Restaurant Batifol – Quebec City

Hilton Worldwide

hilton-michaelHilton Worldwide were introduced to the frylow system some four years ago, tests were carried out in several hotels with great success, moving on from the pilot many of our hotels have now purchased the system covering EMEA .

In some properties Frylow has almost doubled the life of the oil while providing a cleaner flavor profile of our fried foods, the savings in one of our London properties was in excess of £15,000 over a year. And with the five year guarantee you cannot go wrong the ROI on the investment and should see a return within six months

hilton-worldwide-logoMichael Mizzen
Manager Culinary Operations
Europe, Middle East & Africa

Apple Core Enterprises

Apple Core has been extremely satisfied with the Frylow bricks. We have had them in place for almost 2 years now. We have decreased our fryer shortening by 50% from day 1 and have maintained that same ratio. With our 23 locations we had a savings of 1,094 tubs of oil the first month and have maintained that each month since. That is a savings of $1,284.26 per location per month. Our ROI on Frylow was 3-4 months. The bonus is with the Frylow bricks we were able to turn down our fry temp by about 6 degrees. Apple Core is still saving $1,200 per month per location two years later it’s almost like printing money.

Dusty Jensen, COO
Apple Core Enterprises

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